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Vines of Privé Vineyard

Privé Vineyard was planted in 1980, making it one of the oldest remaining vineyards in the Chehalem Mountains AVA. When we purchased in 1995, the vines were already 15 years old. In 1998, we grafted to 100% Pommard clone – Pinot Noir. Our first full crop was in 2000 and to our surprise and delight, it was spectacular! We feel fortunate to have the ideal clone of Pinot Noir, planted in Jory soil (red clay), southwest facing and at the perfect elevation of approximately 500 feet. It just happens that Pommard couldn’t have matched the terrior any better – it is known for its structure, pretty fruit, spicy layers, and velvety soft tannins.

Our son, Hugh and I meticulously tend to the vines from pruning in February, to hand thinning and management of the canopy throughout the summer months, to harvest time in the fall. Wine truly is made in the vineyard. Mother nature presents many opportunities to adjust our practices along the way, so that we can encourage the full potential and magic that each vintage has to offer. It is an awesome responsibility that we do not take lightly. You have our commitment to thoughtfully and lovingly care for every vine at every stage of its development.

– Mark Hammond